Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means

#43 - How To Know When To Quit + Tangible Tips

September 14, 2020 Season 4 Episode 43
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#43 - How To Know When To Quit + Tangible Tips
Show Notes

Hey gorgeous! Today I’m talking about how I quit doing hair after 10 years, how I used my authority and strategy to know when it was the right time, and tips on how you can know when quitting is right for you.

  • The Rules Of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder
    • As soon as I read this I knew what I needed to do
    • “Basically, the vacuum law of prosperity is this: if you want great good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it! In other words, get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you do want”
  • How to use your Strategy and Authority
    • Get your body graph to find your authority
    • Emotional, Sacral and Splenic most popular 
      • Emotional = Ride the wave, wait for neutral confidence
      • Sacral = Gut feeling
      • Splenic = Subtle yes, followed by a rush of fear. Face the fear and do it anyway
  • Make your decisions with your authority and then wait for the green light aka Strategy
      • Manifestor = Initiate by informing
      • Projector = Wait to be recognized or invited (with advice, and big life decisions)
      • Mani Gen and Generators = Wait to respond
      • Reflector = Wait a Lunar Cycle
  • Practice using your authority and strategy
    • Small decisions, getting used to how it feels, experimenting
  • Tips
    • It takes time, I tried to run out ahead of things and it didn’t work
    • Learn how to say no to small things 
    • Get clear on what you want, the vision of the future
    • Morning Ritual / Meditation / Contemplation / Alone time
    • Don’t worry about what other people say
    • Do YOU
    • Ask yourself questions, 
      • “Do I realllllly want to quit or am I avoiding something?” 
      • “What will you see, hear, and feel in your life when this goal is achieved?” 
      • “In relation to that outcome, where are you now?” 
      • “What do you gain or lose for achieving this?” 
      • “Who is in charge of reaching your results?” 
      • “Would there be any negatives to your goal being achieved?” 
      • “Think of someone who has achieved a goal like this? What resources did they require? Do you have any of those resources currently?” 
      • “By when would you like to have this goal achieved? Why?” 
  • I want to thank y

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