Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means

#39 How To Dissolve The Past

August 17, 2020 Season 4 Episode 39
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#39 How To Dissolve The Past
Show Notes

In this episode, you'll learn about the power of the present moment, how to dissolve the past, and the difference between association vs dissociation. 

  • Life is much better in the present, what does that even mean? 
    • “Being in the present moment, or the “here and now,” means that we are aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment. We are not distracted by ruminations on the past or worries about the future but centered in the here and now. All of our attention is focused on the present moment” - Thum
  • Dissolve
    • To cause to disappear
    • To bring to an end
  • Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Quotes
    • “Usually, the future is a replica of the past. Superficial changes are possible, but real transformation is rare and depends upon whether you can become present enough to dissolve the past by accessing the power of the Now.” - Eckhart
    • “What is essential is your conscious presence. That dissolves the past. That is the transformative agent. So don’t seek to understand the past, but be as present as you can. The past cannot survive in your presence. It can only survive in your absence.” - Eckart
  • Dissolving Tips
    • We are all living in our own reality, based on our thoughts and emotions. 
    • We have the choice to change and to leave the past in the past
    • Emotional trauma - Feeling the emotions to let them pass through
    • When you realize life is neither good nor bad it helps
    • What did you learn from your shitty situations?
    • You can choose to never think about it again
    • You are perfect exactly how you are
    • Using Forgiveness as a tool
  • Association vs Dissociation
    • Association is when the experience is felt to be part of you, or that you are part of the experience. You seem to be identified with the experience or connected somehow with it. 
    • Dissociation is when you feel you are watching, listening to or observing the event from the outside
    • Use this as a tool with memories
    • The past is the past, you are the only one bringing it to the present
    • It’s not your fault, programming
    • We have the choice to dissolve the past
    • Sometimes this information can feel shitty (wait I created this!?) it’s okay, you are perfect as you are. This is life, life is neither good nor bad, it just is and we are constantly learning and growing
    • Even trauma can be dissolved! 
    • Use emotions to your advantage, feel them and transform them
    • When you’re working on memories use Association vs Dissociation 
    • I highly suggest therapy to work deeper
    • We are all different and live our lives from our own perspective
  • Remember to have an attitude of wonder, curiosity, and compassion for yourself during this journey. 

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