Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means

#36 - What Is Human Design?

July 27, 2020 Season 4 Episode 36
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#36 - What Is Human Design?
Show Notes

Hey Gorgeous! In this episode, you’ll learn about Human Design, what it is, and all the AHA moments I’ve had with it. This has been the best personal development tool I’ve EVER used! Human Design will change your life! It’s helped me accept myself for who I am, learn more about myself, find my life purpose, and more! 

  • What is it?
    • Human Design is an energetic blueprint
    • It’s a combination of astrology, kabbalah, iChing, the Chakra system, and quantum mechanics. 
    • Human Design helps you remember and embrace who you are, a unique being with a special purpose on earth!
  • My Aha Moments
    • Manifesting Generator = Jack of all Trades
    • Undefined Solar Plexus
    • Profile AHA - Started embracing the “weird” parts of me
    • Recognizing my partner's strengths
    • Sharing with my family and friends and seeing their aha moments
  • Type, Authority, and Strategy
    • Type
      • Manifestor
      • Manifesting Generator
      • Generator
      • Projector
      • Reflector
    • Authority = Decision making
      • We can NOT use our brains to make decisions
      • 7 Types of Authorities
        • Emotional 
          • Wait for Emotional Confidence
        • Sacral
          • Listening to your gut
        • Splenic 
          • Subtle yes followed by a rush of fear
        • Ego & Self 
          • Ego = Follow your heart
          • Self = Talking to themselves or using people as a sounding board
        • Mental / Environment 
          • Being called to a person, place or thing in question and using people as a sounding board
        • None/ Lunar 
          • Use other people as a sounding board and wait at least  28 days 
    • Strategy = The Green Light
      • Manifestor 
        • Inform 
        • Peace / Frustration
      • Generator
        • Wait to Respond / UhHuh or UhUnh 
        • Satisfaction / Frustration
      • Manifesting Generator
        • Wait to Respond (Inform) / UhHuh or UhUnh 
        • Satisfaction / Frustration or anger
      • Projector 
        • Wait to be Recognized or Invited
        • Success / Bitterness
      • Reflector
        • Wait a Lunar Cycle
        • Surprise/Delight / Disappointment
  • Variables
    • Digestion (Food & Information), 
    • Environment (How you fit into the world)
    •  Awareness (How you store information)
    • Perspective (How you manifest)
    • Human Design is an energetic blueprint, it gives you permission to be YOU
    • It’s a tool for growth, showing you areas of success and opportunities for growth
    • A tool for alignment so you can start living life as you were designed to live
  • Remember to have an attitude of wonder, curiosity, and compassion for yourself during this journey. 

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