Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means

#35 - Branding = Putting It All Together

June 22, 2020 Wai Society Season 3 Episode 35
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#35 - Branding = Putting It All Together
Show Notes

Today we are talking about all things branding! I absolutely love this stuff but it can be overwhelming because it’s hard to know where to start! If you haven’t listened to the last few episodes I suggest checking that out first. 

"Branding is absolutely critical to a business because of the overall impact it makes on your company. Branding can change how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness." - ELIZABETH SMITHSON 

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  • #1 Dream Client Persona
    • After you create your DCP you’ll have an idea about who your ideal customer is and how you can start marketing to them! 
    • Get a Pinterest board together 
    • Look at the brands they like to get an idea of colors, fonts, and logos
  • Brand Board
    • What is it? 
      • "A brand board is an at-a-glance document containing all your brand elements- from your main logo to your color palette. You may have seen them floating around Pinterest but not understood what they were." - Nesha Woolery
  • Logo
    • Fivver
    • Etsy
    • Give them your DCP and all the other info you’ve collected
  • Website
    • is great for beginners
    • If you have the budget hire someone
    • Godaddy for the URL
    • The home page should be the main focus
    • Embody your DCP when making it
    • 70% photos, 30% words
    • New Client Page
  • Social Media
    • IG Tips
      • Profile = Sales Page! 
      • Make it a business page
      • Who you are, what you do, who you’re looking for
  • #FindYourWai Coaching
    • DCP is the first step
    • Branding is all about creating a cohesive look to attract your dream clients! 
    • Once you have your branding locked in, it gets easier
  • Remember to have an attitude of wonder, curiosity, and compassion for yourself during this journey. 

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  • Next week 
    • We are talking about how my brand has completely shifted!