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#80 - Cyclical Living + Business with Jeana Reed

May 02, 2023 Jeana Reed Season 6 Episode 80
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#80 - Cyclical Living + Business with Jeana Reed
Show Notes

In this episode, Jeana Reed and I talk all about Cyclical Living, what it is, the phases that you go through, how to use it in your business and so much more!

You're invited to the masterclass with Jeana on May 4th at 6 PM CST! CLICK HERE to DM me on Instagram to get the link. 

Jeana is a fertility awareness educator and menstrual cycle coach. Her mission is to provide the education & tools needed to work with your hormones instead of against them. She believes it's your birthright to love your body in each stage of its stunning evolution, but when it comes to embracing your cycles chances are you weren't taught much about it and haven't had the opportunity to ask about it since. She's changing how we approach the conversation around periods and all things cyclical by teaching women how to track their cycles, live in sync with all four phases of their cycle, and embrace that it's their birthright to feel at home within their bodies. 


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