Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means

#65 - Psychic Mediumship, Emotions, and Lightworkers with Brittney Carmichael

January 10, 2023 Brittney Carmichael Season 6 Episode 65
Find Your WAI with Lindsey Means
#65 - Psychic Mediumship, Emotions, and Lightworkers with Brittney Carmichael
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm interviewing Brittney Carmichael, Founder of Shine School, Soul Coach, Hairstylist, and Salon Owner. We talk all about Brittney's story, how she tapped into her psychic gifts and mediumship, the power of emotions, the sister wound, lightworkers behind the chair, and more!


Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School®, a self-love course that has helped thousands of women awaken their authentic selves and reclaim their power, creator of the Shine From the Inside Oracle, and co-founder of The Elevated Life® Membership Club. Named Top 20 Soul Coaches of 2022, Brit is a trailblazing lightworker, psychic medium, award-winning hairstylist and salon owner of 15 years, empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs, and luxury retreat host, plus she’s 99% unicorn! She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out.  Her mission is to inspire women to create a soul-filled life that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness.

Her soulmate clients are spirited female entrepreneurs in the hair and spiritual communities.

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  • Shine School, Goddess Retreat, The Elevated Life Club, and coaching by visiting her website linked above.

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